Samsung S10 Lunch date

Samsung has officially announced that the launch of Samsung Galaxy S10. The company’s Samsung Galaxy S 10 latest flagship will be launched on February 20. Foldable phones can also be launched at this event in San Francisc. This phone can be set up with six cameras. However, the company has not yet verified this feature.… Read More »

Huawei Y9 Specification, features and price in india

Smartphone manufacturer Huawei has launched its new handset Huawei Y9 (2019) in India. This phone is an upgraded variant of Huawei Y9 (2018). This phone is equipped with 4 AI support camera sensors. This phone is designed with the help of a nanostrype technique with the arc design. This phone has been launched in India… Read More »

Google bans 85 dangerous application on playstore

Google recently removed 85 such dangerous apps from your Play Store, keeping track of your information in the phone. These apps have been deleted from Google Play Store, but if you have downloaded these apps in the phone, then you have to delete them yourself. The 85 apps that were deleted, there was also a… Read More »

What is VPN ?

There is a lot of website in the internet which is blocked in the countries, so now that you want to access those block websites which are blocked in your country, then how can you use those websites? You can use VPN. You can access any block website easily using VPN, if you sit at… Read More »

YouTube has been deleted more than 8 million videos.

World’s popular video sharing sites YouTube has removed nearly 78 million videos between July to September, in its effort to remove objectionable content on its platform. At the same time, the company has also said that if anyone does not follow our guidelines then we will block his channel. According to the latest YouTube Community… Read More »

Latest features of whatsapp

There are many new features that WhatsApp have been lunched this year. Learn more about this year’s big features that made the app even more attractive. WhatsApp has become a part of everyone’s life, and the company continues to offer new features to improve it. Talking about the year 2018, this year too, many changes… Read More »